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St. Petersburg Outdoor Signs


Outdoor signs are the #1 way to attract new customers, clients, and guests into your organization. Not only do they allow your business to be physically found, but they can also entice new visitors by promoting your best products and current specials, or show your support for a community event. Whether used on your storefront, your vehicle, or elsewhere for promotion, exterior signs are a must-have for any business looking to grow their brand and increase their bottom line.

Attractive Storefront Signs

St. Petersburg Outdoor Signs outdoor signage 3 300x200

We design, manufacture, install, and repair just about any type of storefront signage that your business or organization may need. All of our signage is custom created to your specs, and designed to complement your brand and physical location. Some businesses may only need a single storefront sign, while others can benefit from many different types. The perfect storefront signage blend for you will depend on your business, location, and budget. We specialize in full- business signage, meaning we create cohesive signage collections to outfit an entire business. If you need a channel letter sign, a hanging sign, a pole sign, window graphics, an a-frame sign, or any of those individual elements, we can create a signage package custom tailored to your business.

Channel Letter Storefront Signs

St. Petersburg Outdoor Signs business signage 6 300x200Channel letter signs, or dimensional lettering, are a popular option for many different business types. Warehouses, retail stores, churches, daycares, restaurants, and just about any business type can benefit from the versatility and durability of a brand cohesive channel letter sign for their business facade.

Channel letter signs consist of custom-formed raised metal elements that spell out your business name, depict your logo, or include any other element you would like on your storefront. These custom signs are created specific to your business and brand, so fonts, colors, and LED/lighting options are all up to you. Of course, we will assist you in making the right decisions for your business regarding lettering size, spacing, and placement so that you will get maximum visibility and results from your signage investment.

Complete Outdoor Sign Provider

Here at Extreme Signage, we provide all of the signs your St. Pete business needs for identification and promotion, on or off your property. From cohesive signage packages to individual elements, we strive to deliver the high-quality products that keep you coming back for more.

Our other exterior signs include:

Not only do we expertly manufacture and install all types of exterior business signage, we can provide any additional signage you may need for your business operations and promotional needs, such as indoor signs, trade show displays, and more.

Free Exterior Sign Consultation

St. Petersburg Outdoor Signs extreme logonobg 300x87 1Florida’s favorite sign company, Extreme Signage is ready to make the attractive, durable, and exciting signage elements your business needs to impress and attract more clients, customers, and guests. With high-quality signage in place, you display the professionalism of your business and brand, increasing customer confidence, trust, and ultimately making it much easier for you to win their business.

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