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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering
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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering


There are many buildings that use dimensional and channel letters. They are a popular choice among many different industries.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering channel letter building storefront outdoor 300x205Since there is a lot of versatility to a channel letter sign, they can be customized to meet various guidelines and the personal choice of the business using them. Regardless of whether you want flat dimensional letters, an illuminated sign or a customized sign from scratch, we can create the perfect option for you.

Extreme Signage is your local provider of professional business signs, with fast service and quality fabrication within your budget.

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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering channel1 300x200The channel letter sign is our most frequent request for storefronts. These are three-dimensional signs that are created by cutting metal elements into numbers, letters, images and symbols. They are then aligned perfectly and secured to a frame. They could be a raceway sign but flush mounting is also possible to the building. The channel is covered with an acrylic top and you can use it in various transparencies and colors for a customized appeal.

Your slogan, name or logo can be included in these signs. Since we offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, styles and fonts, they can be customized to your specific needs. The channels can also be formed by hand to create an icon or image and that adds to the customization available.

Channel letter signs are popular in many industries and are often found on retail and grocery stores, shopping centers and malls, schools, manufacturing facilities and many other locations.

Dimensional letters

Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering storefront sign 300x197Similar to channel letter signs, dimensional letter signs also allow for a lot of individuality when creating. Channel letters have the empty channel that allows for illumination that dimensional letters are cut from acrylic, metal or other types of material in solid sheets. Variations are available for many factors within the dimensional letters including fonts, styles and material thickness. Regardless of your need, it can be provided.

Extreme Signage can create these dimensional letter signs that are perfect for your brand and promote you in the best way possible.

Retail stores, restaurants, offices, and manufacturing often use these signs. They are perfect both indoors and out.

Backlit and illuminated signs

Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering lighted sign 1 300x174If you really want your channel letter sign to stand out, you can use LED lighting. The sign will show up brilliantly at night or in poor weather so regardless of when you are open, new customers will come to you. Every part of the process is handled by us including securing, installing and even illuminating the sign. We even clean up afterward.

When you have a business that is open after dark or at night, using a backlit channel letter sign can certainly attract new people to your business.

These types of lighted signs are often used in theaters, restaurants, nightclubs, coffee shops, bars, gas stations and convenience stores. Of course, any business that wants to stand apart from the competition can take advantage of them.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

We want to ensure that you get the exact product that you want. We offer quality products, fast turnaround and an experience/dedicated team to assist you with all of your needs. If you desire a long-term signage partner who will be there for you as long as you are in business, you can trust Extreme Signage to provide what you need.

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